I hear it all the time from clients, friends and family. I don’t have enough time. I’m broke. I’m tired. Blah. Blah. Blah. The perfect moment will never arrive, your time is now. It is up to you to commit to the small simple tasks that will create long term success. What can you sacrifice in your life right now so that you can dedicate time to creating the life you want?


“I have some sobering news for you: some day doesn’t exist, never has, and never will. There is no some day. There is only today. When tomorrow comes, it will be another today; so will the next day. They all will. There is never anything but today.”


“And some more shocking news: your ship’s not coming — it’s already here. Docked and waiting. You already have the money. You already have the time. You already have the skill, the confidence. You already have everything you need to achieve everything you want. ”





Are BUSY being BUSY? (Part 1)

You are never too busy for what you make a priority!

Bam. I said it.

This day and age we live in a society that is addicted to being busy. We are running errands, going out to dinner with phones in out hands checking emails, texting others and updating FB statuses. Why? Because most people don’t take the time to think about the things they value most (i.e. family, relationships, health, downtime) before taking on other commitments and in turn those are the things that end up on the back burner. We get caught up in a rat race until we eventfully fall off the track.

I want you to grab a pen and paper and write down what your top 3 priorities are in your life.  What is it that you value most? These are the things that are the most important to you. They are non-negotiable.

Now I want you to take a look at your calendar and see how much time you are devoting to these things each day and each week.  Does it add up? If so great, but I am pretty sure for most people reading this it may be pretty eye opening. Where are you really spending most of your time?

In my 10 year career as a fitness professional the most common and frustrating excuse is, “I don’t have time or I am just to busy.”  And this busyness doesn’t just lie in one not taking care of ones health and fitness. It carries over to family, to social circles and the need to feel that we have to do more so that we don’t let others down. Tell me, where do those “others” rank on your priority list?

When is enough…enough?

The most important thing I learned when starting my own business was that a jack-of-all-trades is broke. Basically you can’t do everything and you can’t be everything to everyone. Pick what you value most, dedicate the majority of your time in those areas and don’t settle for mediocrity. Be world class in what you choose to do.

If spending more time with your kids is important to you, limit the number of extra projects you take on and schedule more hours in the week to spend with them. If your health and fitness is important to you, treat your workouts as if they were doctors’ appointments. If you feel you need more time to yourself, write in your calendar “date with yourself” on a weekly basis. Remember, these appointments are non negotiable. Don’t erase, delete or blow them off.  Everything else you take on has to fit around these appointments.

Failure to prioritize the things you value most in LIFE will leave you resentful and always feeling behind on what it is your are trying to achieve in LIFE. Learn to LIVE the LIFE you LOVE.

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!

You are at the starting line, your heart is racing, your head is pounding…what the hell have I gotten myself into?

Yes. That is the normal thought process of those people who are taking on a new challenge and have no idea what the outcome may be. The only thing they do know, they need to take action, and there is no turning back.

That is exactly what Meg Burton did on March 8th!  Meg joined my online challenge community in May of 2013. She was determined to make her health and fitness a priority and she took one step forward and never looked back.  She committed herself  to her goals, shared them with co-workers, inspired friends and the online community to keep pushing forward.

Meg at the starting line before the Giants Race in Scottsdale Arizona

Meg works long hours in the operating room and on top of that she has the nights shift but she never used that as an excuse. She kept her goal to become more fit and healthy in mind and didn’t miss a workout or a check in. She has been on a roll!

I made it a goal of mine for 2014 to run a competitive race at least once per quarter. I wanted to get back into competitive sports and not just rely on doing things recreationally so in November I started recruiting friends to participate in the San Francisco Giants inaugural Scottsdale Giants Race. I have ran the race in SF before but there is nothing like Spring Training and having lots of friends that already live in Arizona made it a perfect girls getaway.

Well as the date drew near some people had schedule changes, some had different goals and in the end the only ones left running were Meg and myself. Then the night before I left I had x-rays on what I thought was just a sprained ankle turned out to be a broken bone in my foot. I was ordered to keep off of it. No race for me.

I was devastated and felt bad for Meg. This was going to be her first race ever! She was the lone survivor but that didn’t bother her and she did not back down! She ran that race. And when I say she ran it, I mean she RAN IT! She didn’t back down from the challenge even though she was running it alone. She was committed to the run, to her training and she succeeded with a great time.

After race victory!

I can’t express how proud I am for her and to see her cross that finish line. She and I go way back. She was the first child I ever babysat. To this day I am not sure how I was held responsible for such a young girl, when I myself was so young, but we were definitely meant to be in each others lives. Our families had vacation homes across the street from one another for many years but life takes its course and eventually people moved, but through the power of Internet we remained connected. That day was the first day I spent with her since she was 8 years old and I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

Meg decided to take responsibility and take action which lead her to results!

So many of us wait for motivation to take action but action breeds motivation. Meg is already trying to recruit people for her next races and we are planning to run the Giants Race in SF this year. Crazy costumes and all!

So if there is something you want to accomplish, make a conscious decision and start putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t wait for perfect timing, a sign or someone to give you permission.  Heck, I will give you permission. GO DO IT!

Are you ready?

On your mark…

Get set….


Then and now!

Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset: Week One

I have almost finished WEEK ONE of a 21 day Reset Program.  Before I started many people told me that the first week would be the most difficult.  They warned me I would be tired and my body would be going through a lot of adjustments but I didn’t think much about it. The recipes were pretty familiar from when I used to compete (lean chicken, fish, veggies, etc.), the water plan seemed intense but I drink water all day while working (or so I thought), and I prepped all my meals on Saturday to keep things simple during the week. I was ready to go!


Well, the first week was definitely tough. It didn’t make it any easier that Monday night I got very little sleep due to a family emergency.  Monday and Tuesday I found it challenging to meet the water requirements and was full from drinking so much water that I could barely eat lunch or dinner (but I did). As the week went on I still struggled with water and became more tired and had some headaches from weaning myself off of caffeine.


I have learned that even though I eat healthy most of the time, my portion sizes are larger than they need to be and that I need to slow down when I eat and pay attention to how my body responds to what I am consuming. I swayed from the menu one night last week to go out to dinner with my dad. I made a not so healthy choice and boy did I pay for it. I could have picked something else on the menu and I knew that type of food has hurt my stomach in the past so WHY did I choose it anyway???


After six full days I woke up this morning with no coffee cravings and haven’t had any temptations for sugar products.  I feel less tired today, less bloated, I am down a few pounds and eager to begin WEEK TWO!

80/20 Which One Are YOU?

If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved”

This past weekend I ran my first race in almost a year. It was a 10K trail run which I normally love but given the circumstances I have been dealt this year I had not been running and lost the love and the peacefulness that I once experienced.

My friend Ami was the one that encouraged me to sign up for the race. I had every intention to train, to get out and run, I even downloaded training plans so I wouldn’t have to design a program myself. But the past few months my training was sporadic at most.

The night before the race my mom ended up in the ER again. I thought about backing out of the race however by this point I had also convinced my client Heather to sign up and I really felt that it was time I take ACTION for myself instead of always doing things for others. I needed this run.

With 4 hours sleep I found myself at the starting line for the race. I knew there were going to be hills involved but I didn’t understand how many hills and the degree of elevation. In hindsight, maybe it was better that I didn’t know.

At the start of the race I was caught at the front of the pack running at a pace that would be impossible for me to maintain for the full 6 miles. The trail was so narrow and slick which made pulling off to the side not a safe option so I kept running, and running, and hoping that I didn’t trip and fall.

Eventually the trail opened up and I was able to pull to the side, slow down my pace and begin to catch my breath. Then the hill came. Not hills. Hill. 1,100 elevation for approximately 4 miles. Crap!

I tried to keep running at the base of the hill but my hamstring tightened up so I began to walk hoping it would loosen up the faster I walked. When there was a bit of flat land I ran. Another hill came and I walked. It went on like this for the full 4 miles and I was grateful that I had a great playlist even though my conditioning was hurting!

I began to become comfortable with the fact that I wasn’t going to break records on this run but this instead was going to me a motivator to get my running career back. Suddenly I began to notice that as I was run/walking the people that were running at a constant speed around me were not getting much farther ahead of me. I was keeping a decent pace with my fellow competitors. Immediately I felt even better.

After the 4 mile hill it was now time to run down, and that’s when I took off! I picked up my pace let my legs flow underneath me. I crossed the finish line and to my surprise I finished 4th in my age group! Not bad for not training. And to think I almost didn’t run the race and I contemplated giving up at one point. 80 percent of people fail at things in life because they never start or they give up, that day I was part of the 20 percent and I hope to be part of that group everyday.

The race was a lot like life, sometime you have up hill battles and you have to dig deep and do what you can, other times you are going full speed towards goals, everything is falling into place and you get to enjoy the ride. But you will never be successful at either if you don’t commit to ACTION!

Perfectly Imperfect!

For the past few weeks I have been waiting for the right moment, the precise topic, the perfect inspiration in order to write my next blog. Days and weeks passed and I kept searching for something to write and each day it became more and more difficult. Many of us experience this in different areas of our life. We hesitate, procrastinate because we want everything to be just right. But the longer we wait, the more difficult it becomes to make a move because we become paralyzed with fear.

As a child we are brought into this world innocent, open minded, curious, loving and not afraid to take risks or fall down once in a while.  But then something shifts as we enter into adulthood. Suddenly we are concerned about how we are perceived by others. Society influences our thoughts, we become closed off, we protect our hearts and are afraid to take a step in the wrong direction because we will fall and that would be a failure.  We want so badly for everything to be perfect.

Do you find yourself afraid to fail in certain parts of your life? Have you every really sat and thought about what it is that is holding you back? We have a saying in my mastermind group READY, FIRE, AIM. If you spend too much time AIMing for something you never pull the trigger, but if you take FIRE you take ACTION and it may not be perfect but it is a step in the right direction.

Think about a child that is trying to take that is trying to take that first step, the wobble, they stumble, they fall but they take FIRE until they perfect their AIM and are walking on their own.

Things don’t have to be perfect or inline before you start your fitness plan, change careers, or plan your next vacation. Think about that young child that wasn’t afraid to take risks and start with baby steps and see where it leads you. Things may not go exactly as planned but it may just be exactly what was needed and that is PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!

What is a Workout?

This weekend I was over at my parents house going through old boxes of pictures, books and other miscellaneous things when I came across this article:


A workout is 25% perspiration and 75% determination. One part physical exertion and three parts self-discipline.

A workout is a personal triumph over laziness and procrastination. The mark of an organized, goal oriented person who has taken charge of his or her destiny.

A workout makes you better today than you were yesterday. It strengthens the body, relaxes the mind and toughens the spirit. Workout regularly and your problems diminish and your confidence grows.

A workout is a wise use of time and an investment in excellence. It is a way of preparing for the challenges in life and proving to yourself that you have what it takes to do what is necessary.

A workout is a key that helps unlock the door to opportunity and success. Hidden within each of us is an extraordinary force. Physical and mental fitness are the triggers that can release it.

A workout is a form of rebirth. when you finish a good workout you don;t simple feel better, you feel better about yourself.

Make your workouts your priority this week and see how your life shifts!



– a famous singer of rock music

– a performer or composer or fan of rock music

– a person who sings

Growing up I always wanted to be a ROCKSTAR. I remember at a young age singing at the top of my lungs in the mirror and to every song at my dance recitals. I have to say as of late I am awesome at singing in the shower and even better with the windows down and stereo full blast while on the freeway. Other people may have a different opinion.

And while I used to think that being a ROCKSTAR came required funky clothes, lots of accessories, a go against the grain and do the unthinkable attitude I recently learned a different definition of a true ROCKSTAR.

rock– One that is similar to or suggestive of a mass of stone in stability, firmness, or dependability

star– To do an outstanding job; perform excellently

My mom is a rock star. Nothing in her life has ever been easy and you will never hear her complain about it. She may complain about other things such as who the Bachelor should have picked or who deserved to go home on Dancing with the Stars but she takes set backs in life in stride and overcomes the seemingly impossible.

She has already battled cancer twice in the past and three months ago was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Early this year she started feeding herself through a feeding tube because she was unable to swallow and today she will have a tracheotomy to help prevent backflow of salivia into her lungs so she can continue to live the life she loves even if it requires spending extended periods of time in the hospital to get the job done.

Other people may have thrown in the towel and given up but my hasn’t lost her fighting spirit. She is strong, dependable, and excels through any adversity. She has given me a great life and has surrounded herself and me with some amazing people that have kept us going through this rough patch.

When I grow up I still want to be a ROCKSTAR just like my mom!


You can be a ROCKSTAR too! Are you passionate about helping people and changing lives? Interested in inspiring people to be healthier and happier? Click here to find out how you can join my team of ROCKSTARS!

Keep Calm & Excel On!

It is summer, we are just about half way through the year and at a time where things are supposed to calm down and allow us to relax why do most of us feel like things are at the highest level of chaos?

While most of the time we think of summer as a time get away, take a vacation, sit by the pool kids our out of school, we are running from one summer camp to another. Schedules have changed, new responsibilities arise and sometimes we find that we have taken on too much instead of taking care of ourselves.

Take the time to write out your priorities and what you want to accomplish in the second half of this year.  Do you need to focus more time on health, gamily, yourself? Take your 5 top goals and then write out what is holding you back from achieving them. Slowly begin to eliminate these negative factors from your life and watch how things pan out.

Don’t wait for life to slap in the face to make you realize that things need to change. Do your work early and make the necessary changes now!


You deserve to get what you want.

Live for Today

In an instant everything can change. The things you took for granted are no longer available to you. The moments you so carelessly rushed through are now the times you wished you could savor. Tasks that were once so simple are now incredibly difficult, or worse, impossible. We all realize this can happen but it’s not until we get hit by reality are we able to step back and look at the bigger picture.

My mom is a two-time cancer survivor. SURVIVOR. And did I mention two-time? Yep, that’s right, two different types of cancers! At 5’2” she is the strongest, sassiest, most stubborn person I have ever met. And I say that with the utmost respect. This woman has been through a lot in her life and can take on anything however, the treatments that had saved her life is now what has posed threats on her health and well-being.

My mom just recently retired and was so excited to be able to finally travel to all the places she wanted to visit with my dad. But for the past two years her health has been struggling due to complications of  past radiation treatments and she couldn’t wait for the day to feel healthy again so she could travel, visit with friends, and not worry about her health issues. The past few months have been filled with doctors visits, speech therapy sessions, out patient procedures, the talk about what she was going to do once she was healthy and most recently an ER visit.

Although the outcome from the  ER episode and last weeks surgery wasn’t what we had hoped, she can now begin living her life and traveling to places she has always wanted knowing she will be getting healthier and each day.  For the time being she may not be able to enjoy some simple things in life like drinking a cup of coffee or splitting a meal with friends, but the survivor in her will keep fighting to get well and overcome this set back. Reality has reminded my family there is no time like the present moment and even though there will some tough times ahead this is just a bump in our life long journey and we can’t put off until tomorrow the things we want to do, see, and accomplish today.

Don’t wait to live your life. Take advantage of every opportunity. Don’t live in fear, have the COURAGE to face those fears head on and bring them down.  If you want it, go get it. If you can dream it, you can do it. You never know what may happen tomorrow so live for today.

Appreciate your health. Appreciate life.