Credo For This Year And Life!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The first time I heard about a Credo Card was 7 years ago from my mentor Todd Durkin.  I was attending his weekend mentorship program where he discussed how to create IMPACT, to live the life you love and be world class.

A credo is essentially a formula or a belief that people follow and/or live by. The top companies in the world all possess and their employees exemplify the words listed out on the card allowing for consistency in service, systems and experience. It is sums up the core values of a company and the mark they wish to leave.

While scoping around the internet the other day I came across this list below. It was posted as anonymous so I cannot give credit where it is due but I am adopting it as my credo this year, and going foward, as each of these statements ring true to my beliefs and values.

Although I did not write these statements, I honor their meaning and take ownership over these actions I intend to live by.

I encourage you to find, or create, your own credo.


Motivated Fitness Credo Card




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