Find Your Tribe & LOVE Them Hard


I am still recovering from IDEA World and Blogfest that I attended this past weekend. While the conference was incredible, I am exhausted. While I was there I felt as if I was stuck in a time warp. I didn’t know what day it was, barely went outside (thank god it was 100+ degrees), and was constantly stimulate by new information, products or the pesky beauty care line that kept harassing me about my bags under my eyes. (Hello, I am at a conference and operating on very little sleep. I don’t need you $400 eye cream. I need my bed!)


Every year that IDEA rolls around is my favorite time of year. It is like Christmas for me. I learn a lot, get inspired and always come home with new ideas and dreams.


But my absolute favorite part of the IDEA Conference is the connections that are made.

 Contagiasm with Todd Durkin and #sweatpink at Blogfest


The people that you see pictured…that is my tribe.


They are my supporters.


Working out with De and Lorri!



My co-workers!


Hanging with Sara!


Old co-workers and new…


They are my friends.


Adina, Jenn, Steph, Pauline and Rhonda




They are my mentors.



 Todd Durkin



They are like family.



With Lisa & Amanda! xo



Without them, I would not be where I am today in this industry. We lean on each other. We lead each other. We share knowledge, insights and information. Together, we want to make a difference and change the health of the world one person at a time.



We have different backgrounds and specialties, but we all have something to contribute. So, find your tribe and love them hard. When you do, what you receive in return will be magnified times 10!

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