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It seems like the end of the year was a rough one for many people.


A combative election, holidays and winding down the year as the season changed is a lot for anyone’s body to handle. These types of stressors due have a major affect on our immune systems causing our bodies to be tired, weak and susceptible to diseases.


Myself, and many of my clients, spent most of the holiday season ill. At one point tea and tissues were the only things I wanted and needed for Christmas. To be honest, I am still fighting off part of this cold and in all my years of training I have never had so many clients out at the same time.


Over the years I have come up with a few health hacks that help me keep most colds and flu at bay. These have become a part of my daily routine and you may find one or two of these tips that work for you!


Lemon and Honey Water

This is a morning staple for me. I take juice from half a lemon, raw honey and mix them in hot water to help kick start my metabolism and boost my immune system. At first it was hard to make the switch from coffee first thing in the morning but after about a week I started falling in love with this hot beverage.


Essential Oils & Diffuser

I am new to essential oils but I am enjoying learning about all of their health benefits and use them daily. There is so much that these babies can do and they are all natural. If you have a runny nose, dab a drop of lemon above your upper lip and POOF, no more sniffles. Have a headache, rub some peppermint on your temples and on the back of your neck. At home and not feeling so great and a little fatigued, combine some oils in your diffuser and breathe deeply.


Move Daily

Even if it is just short walk or mild stretching 20 – 30 minutes of daily movement help keep all body systems functioning optimally. Strength training, yoga and various forms of cardio allow the body to push toxins out of the body before they cause inflammation and illness.



Along with being a comforting food on cold winter days many soups also have a lot of health benefits. Made fresh they are loaded with veggies that provide a lot of vitamins and nutrients to aide your immune system.



Water Water Water

Being a person who grew up on soda, making the switch to water wasn’t so easy. Sure, I consumed it while working out or playing sports but in my off time it was not my beverage of choice. In order to transition I had to get creative. I started infusing my water with fruit, lemon or mint. It worked! I started drinking more water and my energy increased. Now I don’t always need something to flavor my water but it is a nice occasional treat.


So there you have it. Daily habits I try to implement to keep my body healthy and functioning properly.


What are some of your favorite health habits?

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