I Have an Addiction

I have an addiction.

It was coming between me and my friends. It made it hard to look them in the eye and hold a conversation.

It was hindering my visits with my father.

It was impacting my health, my productivity, and my sanity.

I was addicted to being CONNECTED.

I needed to be CONNECTED on Social Media.

I needed to be CONNECTED to my e-mails.

I needed to be CONNECTED to my text, phone calls and anything happening on Nextdoor, POPSUGAR and with baseball around the corner, the MLB app.

My phone was in my hand at all times. Even with my laptop open and my Kindle by my side. I began to take better care of these devices than myself.  It was holding me back from progress on many of my commitments and goals.

It wasn’t until I was visiting my father I realized the depths of this problem. I had taken a photo of him, posted it on social media to show his friends his progress while every Alzheimer’s/caregiving group I could think of in hopes of a reaction. I was consistently looking down at my phone every few minutes until my dad took it out of my hands and wanted to see it. (He knows how to swipe right by the way.)

I realized then I was not valuing my time and that needed to change.

So I made changes. And here is what I did…

  • Every Sunday I always set aside specific office hours, but I would often find myself waking in the morning and grabbing my phone to go through e-mail. I wasn’t COMMITTING myself to office time and was instead spreading it throughout the day. So now, I have scheduled hours in the day when I answer and respond to e-mails. I also turned off the e-mail function on my phone.
  • I am COMMITTING to only posting to social media 3 times a day. Unless there is a cute dog then that rule goes out the window 🙂
  •  Airplane Mode is my new beau and we are in a COMMITTED relationship.  I can turn it on when I am out for a hike or a workout. I can still listen to music or a podcast while engaging in activities that will enhance my mind body and soul without the distraction of phone calls or texts. I also use this mode at night when I go to sleep! This has had the biggest impact thus far.
  • Last, but not least, I had to limit TV. I have shows that I am allowed to watch at night to unwind, and those guilty pleasures that I can engage in while folding laundry or other mindless chores around the house. I am COMMITTED to cutting down on TV and I am even thinking of selling the one I have.
  • I am curious, after reading this are you addicted as well? Are there changes you can make to help you be more present in life?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


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