On Sunday, October 25th, I will be running Women’s Health Magazine’s RUN10FEED10 race to help end hunger in America. Go to www.run10feed10.com and use promo code R10F10PR to join me!


In my early 20’s running was a consistent part of my life. I didn’t have to think about it, I just ran. It most likely stemmed from my college-conditioning program and managed to play a role into my late 20’s. Then I took a dreaded office job and all that changed.


Spending time seated at a desk caused my hip flexors to seize up, my hamstrings grew weak and they became angry with me anytime I tried to engage them. Running then became more of chore and a miserable activity.


For the next few years I dabbled in running. Sometimes it went well, most of the time I was miserable. I enrolled in races thinking that would give me more drive and motivation. I felt discouraged at each race because I was no longer able to perform they way I did in my early 20’s and I did not enjoy running any more. It was no longer a way to blow off steam, it was real work and I would do almost anything to avoid.



After many personal setbacks, huge shifts in my personal life I was forced to refocus the way I perceived everything. Relationships changed, my career shifted, my outlook and purpose about life gained a whole new meaning. As things started to settle and fall into place I then decided to shift my training regimen, adjust my attitude towards running, and that is when I found a new purpose for running that was not about me.


I run for those who can’t.


I run for those with Cystic Fibrosis.


I run for those with cancer.


I run for those physical limitations that have never pounded the pavement.


I run to Feed.


I run to help save lives.


With this purpose at the forefront of my mind running became less of a chore and more of a pleasurable activity.


What do you run for? (leave a comment below!)

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