STRONG…Are You Ready?

In April of 2011 I attended Todd Durkin’s Mentorship Program in San Diego. On the second day of the 3.5 day weekend I found was rushed to the hospital due to complications from a previous medical procedure. This was a fluke incident that had nothing to do with any of the activities involved in the weekend but it was definitely came at the most inconvenient time.  The weekend was supposed to be dedicated to turning both my life and career around.  As I laid on the gurney in the ER wearing a gown covered in blood waiting to go into surgery many thoughts began to flood my mind. (read more about that here.)


I originally met Todd in August of 2010 at the IDEA World Fitness Convention and while his lectures had a huge IMPACT on me and forced me to come to my senses, 2011 was the year to commit to change. For 5 years prior, I was miserable. I loathed my job and I was influenced by people who were toxic to my well- being. I was depressed, drinking excessively and completely lost in both my professional and personal life.

But after spending the weekend with Todd in 2011 I joined his Mastermind group and my life began to shift toward more positive and promising outcomes. I realized I can, and deserve, to live the life of my dreams.


If others can do it, why not me?


As I dug deep into the personal and professional development he asked of us I became healthier, more successful, and found the right group to proudly call my TRIBE.


It hasn’t been easy, and I have stumbled many times along the way, but achieving your goals is not supposed to be a cakewalk. It takes obstacles, failures and hard lessons before you attain that high mark you set for yourself.


Todd has taught all of us in the mastermind to set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and then challenges us to go bigger and dig deeper. He wants BHAGs (Big Harry Audacious Goals) He makes sure we are COMMITTED and in touch with our WHY with each decision we make. We have recommended reading, writing, and videos to watch to help us grow and get closer to our goals and purpose. He, along with our other coaches, spend so much time giving and mentoring us that sometimes we tend to forget that they have goals too.


Well I am happy to announce, and celebrate, that Todd’s 9 year BHAG is now a reality.


On April 13th he Todd be starting in NBC’s new show STRONG! I can’t wait for more to people to experience his heart, his passion, and his ability to IMPACT anyone he comes into contact with. He has changed my life and he will inspire many more through this show.


Be sure to check out STRONG on NBC April 13th! And if you live near me, I plan on hosting a viewing party so watch my FB page for details.


Get ready to be INSPIRED!

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