You Gotta Believe


This week I am getting ready to head off to BlogFest and the IDEA World Fitness Convention. This is one of the biggest events in the fitness industry, attracting top notch fitness professionals from all over the world.


Every year, this event is a game changer for me. I laugh, I cry, and I am inspired to grow and improve. When you are surrounded by thousands of like-minded individuals, the energy is electric, the connections are deep, and positive vibes run wild.


Last year was the first year I attended Blogfest. I knew I wanted to take my blog to a new level but was unsure how. I walked away with a clearer vision and new friends to help guide me and hold me accountable.


This time last year, I was just getting out of a shit storm of chaos. My father was taken and put into a home without me knowing. I was evicted from my childhood home, I was up to my ears in attorney fees, sleeping on couches and living out of a suitcase.


I had no idea what was going on in my life as each day I grew more scared for my safety and well-being, and had to cut ties with people I have known for most of my life. The only thing I was sure of was that I had one hell of a story to share. And that I am not alone.


Blogfest and IDEA reinforced that there are great people in this world. There are people that want to see others succeed. I have my fitness family, my #sweatpink sisters, and mastermind groups that I can lean on and trust. I have a lot of people supporting me and my vision!



Although my blog is not where I hoped it would be going into this year’s BlogFest,  I am making progress. I have also gone through some exciting transitions that I did not expect when I set my goal for myself last year. I have seized some opportunities that have taken up some blogging time, but these are opportunities I could not turn down.



My new site may not be ready until the beginning of August, but aligning myself with people who believe in me and sharing my story has deepened my message and values which will come through on the new site.


I am excited to find out what this year’s “Ah-ha” moment will be when the conference is over. I am looking forward to the growth, connections and energy that will be radiating out of the streets of Vegas!

Keep It Simple Silly!


It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to fitness, setting a new goal or just trying to get back on track. The key to success is consistency. It is the small simple habits performed day after day that lead to a compound effect over time. Have you ever heard of the K.I.S.S. principal? Keep It Simple Stupid however I prefer to use the word SILLY. The more you can simplify things the easier it will be to adhere to daily habits.


Here are some tips to help you remember this principal as you move forward in your journey.


Keep It Short


There is NO need to spend hours in the gym! We all have things to do, families to see, places to go and friends to catch up with. When done right, you can get a killer workout in just 10-30 minutes. In fact, that forces you to increase the intensity, reduce the down time between exercises, and eliminates the main excuse I have no time!


Invest In Yourself


I am not afraid to say it….money is a motivator. Think about it. How many times have you signed up for a FREE event and backed out at the last minute? Now compare that to the times you paid for an event. I bet the number is not as high, am I correct? Hiring a coach, trainer, nutritionist or life coach will help you get to where you want to go. Many people object because they don’t have money but will regularly spend $5 a day on Starbucks or at Happy Hours. Basically, by not investing yourself you are really saying that YOU are not worth it.


What cost would you put on a healthy life?



Start Early


Sure, it sucks when the alarm is going off before the sun comes up and everyone else is asleep. But that is also the beauty of it! It is the perfect time to get your workout in before the kids are awake, work spirals out of control or you get a tempting dinner invitation. Get it done before your body knows what is going on. It works. Try it two times a week to start and as you get used to that, gradually add on additional morning workouts. (KISS)




Grab a friend. Heck, grab a group of friends, join a boot camp, training club or anything else that brings a community feel to fitness. This will help you stay accountable because you will not want to let others down by being a no-show. It will also increase intensity by providing a little healthy competition. Being a part of a group or having a workout buddy will help you stay true to your goals. They will lift you up when you are down and push you forward when you can push harder.



So there you have it. Pretty simple but not always easy. Start small, stay consistent and Keep It Simple Silly!



~ Tiffany G.